Holder of a degree in medical and secretariat transcription, Weam ALNASRALLAH is here, since more than one month ago, in USA. In order to undertake undergraduate studies in the psychological field of autism. She already has an asset in her background: "I learned medical terms and fast typing in Arabic and English too. I know how to do office work, and how to prepare myself to face any problem or difficult situation and solve it" with confidence, she declares. But, before undertaking these studies, she must improve her English skills. This is why she is an IEP student.

Afterwards, we were interested in her motivations about autism. Here are the reasons for this choice: "I choose to study autism for many reasons, but the major reason for me is that we have a lot of children with autism disorder and parents don't know a lot about it or they can't recognize it in their child at the beginning. A second reason is the fact that I love children and people and always thought that I can deal with them in any situation, understand what they need. So I became curious to learn more about child development and family studies. I want to help people and child in behavior disorder." This is a noble vision and a lofty goal that deserves to be commended.

Concerning another aspects of her life, her birthday is April 9. Weam ALNASRALLAH lives in the city of Qatif in Saudi Arabia. She loves to draw and write. She has already written 6 short autobiographies! Her preferred meal is the "Kabsa", made with chicken and rice and cooked in a special way. Travel is for her, a great way of blossoming and discovery. She has already visited France, Switzerland, and Germany. However in her mind New Zealand, was a fantastic journey than the other countries because it was the first time she traveled alone without parents, just with her little sister. She had a lot of fun time and did a lot of things such as it was a new experiment for her.

Of her home country, she keeps a lot of great and special memories. One of the greatest souvenir is when her cousin finally was born after 10 years of expectation. This was a huge celebrated and enjoyable day.

Now you know who is Weam a little more.

(W. ALNASRALLAH, personal communication, February 17th, 2014)