Thekraa is 18 years old.  She came from kuwait.  Her birthday is Febrary 10th.  The member of her family is a father, a mother, two brothers and sisters.  Her hobbies are playing piano and painting.  She likes eating and going shopping.  She came here December 21th 2013.  She stay in apartment.  The reason why she chose Morgantown for her studying abroad is that here is famous for good town for studying and she wants to learn not British Engkish but American English.  She likes here because here is quiet, safe and has an amazing weather.  Her favorite food is Indian food.   She wants be an enginner because it is good job in Kuwait. 

●Home country; Kuwait

She is proud of Kuwait because she loves there and Kuwait gives her everything she want. For example, hospitals, schools and scholarships.  She doesn't have a pet.  It is not so popular to have a cat or dog in Kuwait. Eggs,bread, soure cream and foul are popular foods in Kuwat.

(M. Ichioka, personal communication, February 24th, 2014)