Aftet speending  8 eight months in Boniface house. They start thinking to move out. But not all of them are agreed with thes idea. They knew a little thing about math, history, music, art...ect,the reason for that they were speinding more time reading the books, beside they wont to be indepaindent in there silf and not to steel there food from any one. They were searching about the rats life in these book but the found less information about it, most of the information they ware reding is about the pepole. They knew that they are the most hated animals in the world becouse what was ritten in the books that the rat is spreading the desiess.I fact one of the ritter wrote about the rate age a go and giving info that the rats one of the most orginzed animiles in the world.And the pepole how spread the dessise.They moved out from the house after they plan for a new life style. They go to a new home in some farm. There they find a toy tinker truck stick and human body. He was died from heart attacks.Hadialameer 03:49, April 8, 2014 (UTC)