Mrs.Frisby had faced two choices one of them was going home by crossing a forest but she knew that there          are dangerous animals specially at night such as cats, owl, foxes, and weasels. Mrs.Frisby decided to take the other choice which is take aroundabout way to exceed the danger. By the way, A cat named Dragon was the only problem that Mrs.Frisby might face it. Moreover ,Dragon was a really huge cat. He had large mouth, needle sharp, seven claws, furry tail, and he had an orange color with white with glaring yellow eyes. Mrs.Frisby prefered to take aroundabout way. While Mrs.Frisby was walking she saw a young crow down the fence. Mrs.Frisby walked closer to the crow and she realized that the crow had tied. He was trying to get rid of the wire that made him stalked. Furthermore, He spread his wings many times to solve that problem, but he probably can not. she advised him do not make any noise to avoid Dragon. In addition, She was wondering who tied you?. He said that he was trying to catch the string and he stalked in a fence. Suddenly Dragon saw the crow and Mrs.Frisby and he was coming in same distination that MrsFrisby and the crow were in. she said to the crow go!. the crow said to her what about you. Suddenly, The crow tells Mrs. Frisby to jump on his back and when Mrs. Frisby jumped on his back , she put the medicine in her teeth , and they escape from Dragon. they heard the angry of Dragon. To conclude, Mrs.Frisby thank the crow and the crow did that also. They became as a friends. Jeremy was the name of the crow and he told Mrs.Frisby if you need any help you can mention my name to any animal in the forest to find me