Hello! Lauren here!

I've compiled your responsibilities into a list for easy reference. If you can't remember what chapters or characters you're responsible here, look here!

Edit this page with a link to your character & your chapter summaries when they are created.


Each individual is responsible for writing about a character in the story. These are due April 18th.

Abdahlrman: Teresa

Ali Alsabee: Timothy

Ali Boabbas: Cynthia

Ali Jassem: Janice

Asmaa: Jeremy

Eric-Olivier: Nicodemus

Hadi: Julie & George

Haya: Jenner

Hiba: The Owl

Hussaim: Brutus

Meshal: Dr. Shultz

Moeko: Mr. Fitzgibbon

Mohammed: Dragon

Nasser: Paul

Nora: Lady Shrew

Rawa: Justin

Shaikha: Isabella

Shifu: The Toy Tinker

Thekraa: Martin

Tran: Billy

Turkinassen: Mrs. Frisby

Weam: Jonathon

Zayed: Mr. Ages

Zhisheng: Arthur


Group 1: Hadi, Shifu, & Ali Alsabee

Chapter 1: Sickness of Timothy Frisby

Chapter 9: In the Rosebush

Chapter 17: A Lesson inReading

Chapter 25: Escape

Group 2: Asmaa, Thekraa, & Haya

Chapter 2: Mr. Ages

Chapter 10: Brutus

Chapter 18: The Air Ducts

Chapter 26: At the Meeting

Group 3: Zayed, Turki nasser, Abdahlramn, Nasser

Chapter 3: The Crow and the Cat

Chapter 11: In the Library

Chapter 19: The Boniface Estate

Chapter 27: The Doctor

Group 4: Hussaim, Mohammed, Eric-Olivier

Chapter 4: Mr. Fitzgibbon's Plow

Chapter 12: Isabella

Chapter 20: The Main Hall

Chapter 28: Epilogue

Group 5: Ali Jassem, Ali Boabbas, Meshal

Chapter 5: Five Days

Chapter 13: A Powder for Dragon

Chapter 21: The Toy Tinker

Chapter 25: Escape

Group 6: Zhisheng, Moeko, Tran

Chapter 6: A favor from Jeremy

Chapter 14: The Marketplace

Chapter 22: Thorn Valley

Chapter 26: At the Meeting

Group 7: Shaikha, Hiba, Rawa

Chapter 7: The Owl

Chapter 15: In the Cage

Chaper 23: Captured

Chapter 27: The Doctor

Group 8: Nora & Weam

Chapter 8: "Go to the Rats"

Chapter 16: The Maze

Chapter 24: Seven Dead Rats

Chapter 28: Epilogue

Due Dates

Chapters 1 - 8: February 21st

Chapters 9 - 16: March 17th

Chapters 17 - 24: April 4th

Chapter 25 - 28: April 14th