University town center

University town center the places where all of people in Morgantown spend most of their time there. Because of the places that you can visited while you are there for example when you are in the university town center you can go to the theater and visit a lot of different shops…

-Location :

it's locate in 300, university town center, morgantown, WV, 26501

==-Places to see and what to do ==

    University town center is the perfect place to live nearby it, because there you will find all what you need, (shops, restaurants, salons, cinema and students apartments).

 There is all kind of shops in university town center shops for cloths such as rue21, old navy and TJmax. Furniture's shop called RED HOT, shops for family needs like target, Sam's & Walmart. Shops that sells electronic things such as BEST BUY and lots of other shops.

People in university town center can spend time in a lot of delicious restaurants with their family, such as Olive garden, steak house, chilies, red lobster and cheddar's.

University town center have the best students apartments (DOMAIN) in Morgantown, like we know that Morgantown the best center for students. Also students can go to the cinema in their free time.

-improvments :

what to do improve in the university town sinter we must add more shopping cinters and also we must add more of intertaimet plaeces we can add a ice skaiting rink also we can  add more of shops and also we can add an electronic gams park.


-Location :

It is the other side of morgantown over the river at the left side

-Restaurants :

At Westover there is a lot os restraint. Such as dairy queen, which famous by ice cream. And there are italian restraint like olive garden.

-What's there?

'There is a theater and a mall . Moreover, there is more than one office for renting cars . Furthermore, there is an office for car insurance
. At westover , we can find a little bit numbers of apartments and houses . Businessmen have a great deal of jobs to do at some factories there such as tra'
ding . Therefore , Westover is considered to be a commercial area . For example, there is a factory that specialized in making clothes for the mall . Besides that factory, there is another one famous by making spare parts for cars or has something related to repairing cars.

-what's westover need?

WestOver need to repair the road there. also the is only one bridge to get to WestOver. so they need more bridges to get in WestOver easlier. and the building there is too old they need to rebuilding it to be more beautiful. .


Out of morgantown

-Coopers rock.(Hussam)

CoopersRock 8

-Location : 

Coopers Rock State Forest is 13 miles east of Morgantown and 8 miles west of Bruceton Mills. Its 12,713 acres are bisected by Interstate 68

-Things to do : 

Coopers Rock it's place for people who like the natural views, it has a lot of forests and a river between the trees. And if you go there like a tourist you can buy a souvenirs gifts for your family and friends from the shop known as the "Overlook Trading post"  and you can eat a delicious food from "Eagle Grill" which offers sandwich hotdogs and other food services . and there are a lot of place for picnicking and walking and these sites offers a tables also you can bring your food if you won't buy  from the restaurants. And if you like biking you can do that on the way called "Henry Clay Iron" which located in  a grassy glade in an otherwise undisturbed forest. and there are a place you can do fishing. I think Coopers Rock good place for relaxing and you can do a lot of activates there.   

-Monongahela River.

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-Location : monongahela river's located besieds morgantown, it's really long river, it's about 127 miles long !! and it's about 9 ft deep ! started from central west virginia through westren pennsylvania to pittsburgh.

-History : The word "monongalia" is a latinzed version of the native american word "monongahila", which means "Falling banks".

-What to do there? : people love to go to monongahela river to have a family dinner in spring, because the weather is very nice. and other people like to swim or maybe like to boating ! and if you like to have a BBQ with your friends monongahela is the right place for that.

the sorses

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the resturant lication in westover

Monongahela river : monongahela river.2008

Cooper's rock :