Meshal's Life

I am going to introduce my partner.

My partner is Meshal AlSaab, He is 29 years old.

He is from kingdom of saudi arabia. Actually, He likes to watch documentry  T.V programs, His favorit show is "how it;s made".

He is an IEP student, He would like to finish the English program and then study at West Virginia University. His major is Mechanical engeneering, He found the mechanic interesiting thing.

Since he was 13 years old, He helped his oldiest brother with fixing his car. At age 18 Meshal owned his first car. It was not a new car, It was an old one with lots of mechanical damages. So, he learned how to fixed them. Four years later he studied mechanices and electricity of autos for one year. Then he worked at an auto servise center in his country for four years . And he came to the US to study Mechanical engeneering. I wish he could success in his studies.

Best of luck my dear partner.

(Meshal AlSaab, Personal Interview, February-24-2014)