My partner is Hussam. He has admired Cristiano Ronaldo since he is the best player in the world now. He also plays for Real Madrid club. Another reason why he likes Cristiano is his hairstyle.

When he talk about music, rap has a big influence in his life. Some superstar attracted him, like Eminem who is the best Raper in the world. When he hears "Lost yourself","When i am gone","Love the way you lie" ,he lost himself in the dynamic Melodies.

In his family, there are two brothers and one sister for him. He has ever been to Lebanon and  does not have pet.

When we mention about the significant things for him, he wants to be a mechanical engineer. His uncle have a company engaged in mechanical engineer and there will be fine for working there when he finish his study. It will be a good job for him. In addition, engineer in America is a promising major, that is another reason for loving engineer. (Hussam, personal communication, February 20th, 2014)