My classmate who I'm going to talk about is Eric-Olivier Tienebo, he is from Ivory Coast, West Africa.  He is married and have only one boy, his name is Jarod Ariel and he is only one month old.  Eric had a master degree in Crop Protection, but he want to take another major and take master degree in Soil Microbiology.

His birthday is August 25 and he is a middle child in his family.

He had free choose to choice betwwen Economical or Biology, but he choosed biology because his marks were much hight on it.  He teech as an Engineer in agronomy class for master level.

Some of his regrets

He was able to be a doctor in medicine like his mother wanted, but he's ring.  Today he thought those studies were be realize that being a doctor will be helpful in his country.

His favorite Ivrian food is Foutou and the American food are French fries, Hamburger.  He likes watching Action movies, Comedy, Romantic, but the top is Action. He likes swimming.

The meaning of the life for him like be a solution not a problem, be a help not a trouble for others people, do not live for yourself but live to help your neighbor, do not be rich in goods and poor in love.

His favorite way to relax is by listeing to Christian music, praying and watchs movies.

Three things he want to do in the future: 

  • By the grace of God he will make a conference around the world in his major
  • Speak Arabic and Spanish
  • Other African languages(Baouleًًًًًَََََــــ Bambara__GueِِِreًًــAhizi and Lingala).

The longest journey he had been in USA, and he have been in Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Italy, France, Ethiopia. He choose the US because he want to get US porfessors expertise in the field of relation between plants and soil-borne microorganizm.

(Eric,Personal Interview,February 19,2014)