Do you believe in soul mates? Why or why not?

According to the Wikipedia website, soul mate is a concept that evokes a love compatibility, friendly and / or sexual, that would be perfect between two individuals. Soul mate is used in everyday life to talk about this kind of relationship and by different New Age currents in the sense of souls predestined to meet together. I think we can find the best but not the perfect to fit with.

For my part, I believe that perfection is not of this world. As well as, there are no perfect human beings that there is also no perfect union between two individuals. All couples, all marriages and friendships never agree at 100%. There are always happy and sad days, days of complicity and days of quarrels and disputes. There are times for joys and times for tears. It is true that some relations encounter less turbulence than others, but no relationship is immune from shock. My whole life, I've not yet met any friendship that lasts, any couple who lives without making a fuss. I saw many couples separated, intense friendships lasted only a few days. I've seen people who no longer believe in love, even less in soul mate concept, since a very bitter experience.

The time is a good tester of the sincerity of a relationship. Trough the time, we discover flaws and then, are born misunderstandings that lead to separations in 80% of cases. And the fact that, some persons stay together, does not mean that they have found their soul mate. It simply means that they have found a compromise to live together and overcome problems, or even agreeing to live with the failings of each other.

In order to conclude, I state that It would be utopian to search or wait for a soul mate but it's wise to seek with whom you have more affinity than unconformity.