While Jeremy came to pick up Mrs.Frisby, her heart was beating so fast because she was afraid to fly so high. Three of her children were waiting with her. Martin, Teresa were watching the crow and Cynthia was afraid from the crow. Mrs.Frisby didn't tell Timothy about her journy as he will be worry and going to blame himself for the peril his mother have take.

In the air Mr.frisby exceeded her fear and opened her eyes and she sow the garden patch but she could not see her children , if they were there.

after few seconds she sow the river but she did not know it because she heard about it but did not sow it after few minits when thay arrived to the owl house jermy stoped and told Mr.Frisby to walk closer to the owl house but she must be quite.

When she was walking to the owls house she was scared to fall. When thay come closer she sow an yellow eyes glowing in the daek .

======Jeremy whispered "he can't see us it's still too light" but the owl could hear, suddenly came a voice from the hollow trunk, the voice was like an organ tone. the owl asks "who is standing outside my house?" Jeremy explains that he has brought his friend, a lady mouse.the owl wonder why a crow would help a mouse . then Jeremy told the owl that mrs.frisby rescuing him, and the mouse in trouble, the owl marvel how would a mouse save the crow from the cat. the owl moved closer to the entrance of the hollow and said "mrs.mouse come inside my house so I can listen to your problem"===

she was scared but she enters his nest and faced the owl, Jeremy was nowhere to be seen, and it's dark in the nest . the owl told her that she may state her problem.