In the morning of early spring. While Mrs. Frisby was worring about Moving Day, she remembered the she had to get some corn for supper, so she turn toward a stump.

She saw Jeremy, he was busy with a piece of foil. Mrs. Frisby asked him for help about Timothy's sickness and Moving Day but he could not help anything. But Jeremy said he would carry Mrs. Frisby to the owl who lives in the biggest tree in the forest. He could gives her some good ideas. However, Mrs. Frisby worried about if owl is not willing to help her, in addition, she also afraid of staying on Jeremy's back, but she have no choice.

Jeremy would comes Mrs. Frisby's house at 5 o'clock to carry her to the owl's house because they just could meet him at dusk. After that, Jeremy leave and he did not forget the foil.

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