A Favor From Jeremy== In the morning of early spring, while Mrs. Frisby was worring about Moving Day, she remembered the she had to get some corn for supper, so she turn toward a stump. She saw Jeremy, he was busy with apiece of foil.

Mrs.Friaby spoke to him.  She asked him about that foil because she was interested in why he liked something bright.  He usually looks for those things for his female friend.  After that she asked him to help her.  He told her about the owl who lives into the biggest tree in the whole forest. (by Moeko)

When Mrs.Frisby do not know what to do,Jeremy point the deep wood and give her an advice that they can go to the owl's house to get some useful idea.However, Mrs,Frisby worried about if owl willing to help her, in addition,her also afraid of staying on Jeremy's back, but she have no choice for Timothy's sickness.FInally she accept the Jeremy's advice.Because owl alwayse sleep in daytime, Jeremy supposed that they should come there when the sun is out, then they make a farewell to each other.(by zhisheng)