Mrs.Frisby heared the sound of the tractor. But that did not necessarily mean Mr. Fitzgibbon is getting ready to plow. Mr.Fitzgibbon used the tractor for many other things. However, Mrs. Frisby want to be sure she was worry, so she hide near the tractor shed to see what is going on. She saw Mr. Fitzgibbon move the tractor to try it. Then he called his suns Paul 15 years old and Billy 12 years old. They try the tractor, but it was not working well. And they needed to order a part for the tractor which will take 5 days to reseive it. Also the ground was too wet to plow and 5 days enough to dry. But that was not enough for Mrs. Frisby. Her sun Timothy had to stay in worm for 3 weeks as Mr. Ages said, he could not get out of the house because it was cold outside. Mrs. Frisby went back to Mr. Ages to see if he had any ideas or there some medicine that would make Timothy get well sooner. She went carefully because the cat Dragon was laying out in her way, she was scared . Mrs. Frisby moved slowly and carefully. Then she saw many rats were carrying something it was along piece of electric cable. They were carrying it to a very large wild rosebush which has sharp thorns. All the animals knew about it and they were stay away from it. But what the rats want with the cable, Mrs. Frisby could not imagine. Mrs. Frisby climbed down from the asparagus bush. And the cat all this time had slept on.

Ali Boabbas

Meshal Alsaab

Ali Jassim