After few days Mrs. Frisby heard tractor, Mr. Fitzgibbon begins plowing.

while she was watching from her front door she was afraid at first, then became confident because the owl and rats found furrow two feet away from her house 

in two days the Fitzgbbon were planting seeds in the plow area Brutus and Arthur decided to make an entrance behind a tuft of grass. Mrs Frisby kept wondering if she will ever see the rats again.

the Fitzgbbon finished planting and for two weeks it was quite. in May the Frisby walked to their summer house which took half day 

Mrs. Frisby was telling her children of how she went to the rats and got captured and her children felt sad for what has happen to Justin one of her children Martin decided to find the rats and ask them what has happened to justin Mrs. Frisby finished tell the story she told Martin we don't have to decide now then she told them it time for bed then they all went to sleep.

finally Mrs. Frisby and her children are safe and they live haply.