Mr.Fitzgibbon took his second tractor with Paul and Billy's help, then stopped it near the rosebush. After couple minutes the NIMH came to Mr.Fitzgibbon house and Billy lead them to his father and the place that the rats are in. Mrs.Frisby was watching them but she couldn't hear what they were saying. One of the men from NIMH asked the boy Billy to stay away because they'll using cyanide, and it's quite dangerous. The men saw two entrance in the bush with a hole inside it.

Men wore gas masks, and they are ready to sprinkle the gas on the holes of rats.

The doctor explain to Mr.Fitzgibbon that there were two died rats and the others got away because one of the died rat warned them, and Mr.Fitzgibbon was shocked how can they do that.

The man carried the two died rats into the track and he said that they look healthy. 

As soon as the man and Mr.Fitzgibbon leave, Mrs.Frisby hurried to the rat who still lying along the side. It was Brutus with Mr.Ages trying to move him, Mr.Ages and Mrs.Frisby were trying to give Brutus something to wake him up.

Brutus explain to them that he got dizzy because of the gas, but someone helped him to escape, when they in the end of the tunnel, the other rat turned back to looked for if there someone else alive, or not !