Chapter 25 

At 10:00 pm by the kitchen clock, the Fitzgibbons went to the bed. Billy opened the door and he called "Come on Dragon out". But Dragon won't get up because of the sleeping powder that he eat it. Finally Dragon was picked up and depostied on the back. The doors was locked and the lights turned off. At that time, Mrs. Frisby waited a few minutes until she was sure the Fitzgibbons were really gone. Mrs. Frisby tried to open the cage's door, But she could not. She gets tired of trying open the cage, She was thinking about her children. Since Justin must have told them that she had not come out of the kitchen. She heard a noise, It was Justin. He back to help her, He climbed opened the cage's door for her. She tried to tell Justin what she heared about the seven rats, But he was in a hurry. Mrs. Frisby got out the house and Justin was waiting for her. Now, He asked her what she want to told him in the house. She sayed some exterminators are coming to poison all the rats, She told him about the conversation she had heared at the Fitzgibbon's dinner table. Mrs. Frisby arrived her house and she saw how the rats were working to move her house. They moved her house to the new location, And they covered the old one with the dirt from the new one. They don't want Mr. Fitzgibbon to see it or feel that something different happend because he will wonder who is dig up his garden. Then Arthur and Brutus dig an entrance hole for Mrs. Frisby house.

Meshal Alsaab

Ali Boabbas 

Ali Jasim