Mr.ages remind the group that is almost time to dose dragon, with his medicine. And Mrs.Crosby was confused, why her husband didn't tell herabout NIMH. Nicodemus explain for her that the group faced a lot of dangers, and because her husband loved her, he didn't tell her. Mrs.Crosby asks if her children will live longer, because of the injection that Jonathan had, and what happend to jener. Nicodemus said that they didn't know anything about jener, since he left the group. Because they decided to, never became dependent on human again.

when Jenner heard their dicision about the plan, he felt very angry and he called them dreamers and left the meeting and the group forever, taking 6 of his friends with him.

Justin, Mrs.Frisby , and Mr.Ages went together up the corridor to rosebush. Mr.Ages started to reminde Mrs.Frisby again about what she supposed to do when she arrives there.

when they were at the arch in the rosebush Mr.Ages left them. So Justin and Mrs.Frisby went out of the rosebush. after a while they jumped in a dark hole, so they were under the Fitzgibbons' kitchen.

Mrs. Frisby followed Justen in the hole that lead them to the kitchen before she reach to the kitchen Justen give her the powder bag and Warned that her to be careful because at that moment Mrs. Fitzgibbon was moving around preparing dinner.

After Mrs. Frisbe entered the kitchen she Saw that there some things that is not the same, like the bowel that Mr. Ages  told her that is will be two feets a way it was four of five feets away and also she Saw that there something that interrupt her on her way to the bowl and she know that it was a kitchen stool when she arrived to the bowl that she supposed to pot the powder in it, Mrs. Fitzgibbon moved the bowl and put it back a gene after that Mrs. Frisby moved from the place that she was Standing in she did not see anything in front of her, because of the enthusiasm that she had, just the bowl. Then she riches the bowl she put the powder in the bowl after a wild she felt that there something around her she know that she has been captured and the stool that as in the medial of the kitchen it was been taken by Billy Mr. Fitzgibbon’s son.