Chapter 21 

Nicodemus and the rats left Boniface Estate on the first of May. That was in late summer when they first got out, They were searching for place where they could stay as long as they need . They had some ideas of how they might live, Because of the books that they read  in the library in the winter. They read about electricity, biology, and mathematics. Also about music, art and some books about history. Most of the books about people, They tried to find some about rats but there was not too much. They  found a few things, There were two sets of encyclopedias that had sectons on rats. They learned from them the rats were about  the most hated animals on earth. Because people think that rats spread diseases. Aftre 8 months the rats left the Boniface Estate, None of them was sorry to move out of it. They  were  uncomfortable there, Because they decided that their new home should be underground and they don't want to steal any more. The rats studied maps they were looking for cave to live in it. Jenner saw a good area on the map it show that there is a mountain near the town and a farm land. The rats take two months of traveling to get there. They found it and there plenty of caves most of them never visited by people, Because people are not allowed to drive into wilderness preserve also airplanes are not permitted to fly over it. The rats looked at a lot of caves there, before they chose the cave that they live in it now near Fitzgibbon's farm. However, They found the Toy Tinker and an old man lying in the woods near it. And he was dead, They do not know how he died. It may heart attack causes his death. However the rats bury the dead man by covering him with a high mount of leaves, stones ,twigs and earth. And Justin found an ancient truck that belonged to the old man. He was a peddler and mender of toys, The truck was his shop and his home. One of the truck's wheel had sunk into the soft earth and stuck. The man tried to dig it out, The work was hard for him and that my causes his death. 

Meshal Alsaab 

Ali Boabbas 

Ali Jasim