Mr. Nicodemus's was sitting in the office with Mrs. Frisby. Justin and Mr. Ages entered. justin said " it's past noon" then Mrs. Frisby remembering her children's were waiting at home. in that moment Mrs. Frisby was not know anything about Toy Tinker. and Nicodemus was going to tell her but  she was speeding because she would go home to take care of her children. the Rats was planning to move Mrs. Frisby house tonight after Fitzgibbons and Dragon are asleep. Mrs. Frisby told the children's about moving house but she doesn't tell them the whole story. and she was scared because she thought maybe she can't see her children's again. then she went to the rats to complete the plan. when she arrived she saw Brutus. he press  a button on the wall then Justen appeared. Mrs Frisby asked about the plan and Nicodemus said i will show you the hall then you will understand the plan. when she saw the hall she was surprising. it was a big hall and a lot of rats working in. the plan will stop the rats from steal again.