chapter 2

Mrs frisby was thinking  to go for the best one that could help timothy to cure from his sick that he could give her the best medicine he have so he was Mr AGES . And after thinking for along time she finally decied that she will go for him . While she was going to his house she took the long way so she could avoid the riskes that she could face in her journey . Such as cats and dead leaves .and also she was afried from the dark would catch her before she got back home . But she was doing all of this for timothy because she was worried about him . And in her jorney she was using her smell wight and always kept her eyes on the hiding places so that there is alot of large animal who might be un friendly with her . so after 2 hours later she saw the house of MR AGES  which it was in the basment in a farm house . 

Once,Mrs.Frisby went to Mr.Ages and It was for Timothy too,he had been bitten by something poisonous.And others found him, he was tired and could not breath well.Mr.Frisby and his wife went to Mr.Ages,they were worried and scared that he may died.So Mr.Ages figured out that he had been bitten by a spider,he gave him a medicine and they got back to home and they were happy and his sibilings were happy to see him again. Mrs.Frisby reached Mr.Ages house ,she described the house and when she saw Mr.Ages she described him.She explained everything about Timothy and she hopped that he found something for poor Timothy The house of Mr.Ages larger than the shoe box but it is full of roots,seeds, dried leaves and mushrooms. Mrs. Frisby talk to Mr.Ages about timothy disease. Mr.Ages asked Mrs.Frisby to keep Timothy warm with blanket.Timothy must stay in the bed for 3 weeks .Mrs.Frisby took 3 packets of medicine from Mr.Ages

Mr.Ages told her that Timothy has pneimonia.