The rats travel for months, Watership Down style, to look for some new digs, they find some rats on the way, all of them seem to notice that there is something different about them. The rats from NIMH are bigger and more strange than before, beacuse of the injuctions at NIMH. Some day the rats were walking down the street when they pass a big house called the Boniface Estate, they decide to go in the house to see it and look for foods and anything they can use it in future, they found a small window in the back of house with a cracked pane, knocked out one corner of the glass, and then they go in the house. They went to kitchen, then arthur found a machine on the kitchen counter. After they had eaten, they wandered around the house. The house is a beautiful Fella, with many rooms, but there are a large room with walls lined to the ceiling with books. Thousands of books, about every subject you could think of.  The rats live in the Estate all winter, reading a lot of books every night. They were using small ladders-on-wheels to get to the top shelves.