After learn reading, the rats were tauch to escape. Justin find the way out the cage easily and he comes back to tell Nicodemus about it. He found the duct that air blows to their room though it and he follow that way but no one knows where it go to. They think they should tell twenty other rats about the duct. Then they wake the rats up and teach them open the cages. They feel strange because this is the first time they see together. And Nicodemus was supprised because Justin is so young. They did not escape that night because they need more time to find the way out. They find some tools: a large spoon of thread, a screwdriver. Everynight they try to find the way out and come back in morning. One rat keeps the spoon of thread while Justin keeps the thread and walk in the air duct. They had done it for seven night.

The sound of machine grown suddenly louder. The air blowing past Justin and he held on, he was lucky. Justin reach apoint by seeing the light from sky. They don’t know it would take them to break the screen. They are afraid that Dr. Schultz might figure out how they gone, and if he knows he will trap them in the air shaft. They spent one more day in the laboratory and they left the next night. Jonathan heard Nicadimus that they are going out and he asked him that he would like to go too. Jenner realize that they must learn to read. The rats worried about about the stuff that they stole it. Justin opened the doors of the rats cages and Jonathon was with them . They followed Justin because he knew the way . The air duct suddenly started to work and 6 mice were too light and they missed. The white mice gave them the idea about how to open screen . And they followed his structures . After that they were standing on the roof of NIMH free.