. Wild nicodemus was talking Mr.frisby intrepid hem and asked about the reason that makes the string man cough them, he said that at the beginning he thought that the reason was the food than he changed his mind and said maybe they gust hate them. Mr.frisby agreed and said that they hate mice to. After that nicodemus complete and said that he didn't find out the real reason until a while. Than nicodemus continued and said after the string man caught them and put them in the nit and close it with a plastic ring than he took another amity net. After a while the noise in the market place come down and the string man starts to talk with two other mans they said that they need only 60 rats and they had enough. Than they took the rats in to the track at that moment nicodemus meet jenner and started to talk with hem from that conversation he know that the string man’s going to take them to a place called “the lab.”

The truck was in a dark bumpy street, then headed to the smothy high way, the rat's thought that they were on the road for two hours, but they didn’t. And finally the truck stopped, The back doors of the truck opened and the rat's saw that they are in front of a modern white building, and there were three men, one of them was the boss and he asked the driver, how many rat's he got? The driver said that he got between 60-70 rats and he didn’t face any trouble. Suddenly the rats placed in cages and they put them in a long white room (lab). They left them alone with no lights, Nicodemus start to explain his cage he said, that it was uncomfortable with plastic floor, and warm to touch with wire walls. The rats were scared and Nicodemus was confused, about what they will do to them. After that day, Dr.schultz entered with Goerge and Julie. He was discussing about how they'll put the 63 rat on three groups. So finally they figured out. Group A twenty rats with injections, Group B also twenty rats with less injectioun, last group were The C group "control group" they don't have any injections. At last they were tagging the rats with their numbers.