Mrs.Frisby was sad because she did not know what happened about her husband. Besides she confused why did not Jonathan told her.Nicodemus thought it is time to tell Mrs. Frisby the reason. He told Mrs. Frisby to leave the library and go to his office. The library will be used by a "Plan".For a while, they came to the Nicodemus's office. It is like a tiny library with tidy bookshelf, neatly sofa and light ceiling inside. Then Nicodemus turned on the radio and began to tell Mrs.Frisby about their long story.

Nicodemus lived near a market with his family and many other rats. He used to go to the market with his brother Gerald and Jenner. They were close friends. The market is a perfect place for the rats, it has a lot of food, space. One day, Nicodemus went to the market to get food, they got a big trouble. Finally, they were catch by people with a net. Nicodemus just know it is has a word "NIMH" on a truck.