Chapter 13 

A Powder For Dragon

A rat named Arthur. He was stocky, square and muscular, with bright hard eyes. He was the chief engineer of the rats. And the other rat named Justin. He was the captain of the guard if the rats had any such titles. Mrs. Frisby has a problem, and Arthur asked her to explain the problem to him. He wants to try to solve it. The Owl suggested to Mrs. Frisby to go ask the rats to help her, and move her house into the lee of the stone. Nicodemus wondered if Arthur and the rats could move the house where there is no wind "the sheltered side". Mrs. Frisby believe in the rats because they have a good knowledge to help her, and solve the her problem. Nicodemus asked Arthur about the time, that they will need to move Mrs. Frisby's house. Arthur answered it may take couples of hours, but they have to take care of Dragon first. Justin recommends that Mr. Ages should put the sleeping powder that he had made it in Dragon's food to make him drowsy. As he usually do, when the rats need to do any job outside. But the trouble was that Mr. Ages' leg had broken, so he can't move fast enough.Then Mrs.Frisby said if Mr. Ages can't put the sleeping powder in Dragon's food, I can do it. Also she know about the risks, and she doesn't want any one gets hurt or die to save her son. She decided to put the powder in Dragon's food herself to save her son. Nicodemus agreed with her, and he said to her to know that is a great danger. Yesterday, Mr. Ages got his leg broken, when he was running from Dragon's bowl. And it the same thing in the last was happened with her husband, when he died. 

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