In The Library

Rat pipe

The tunnel led Mrs.Frisby, Mr.Ages, and Justin downward. Mrs.Frisby could not see anything because of the darkness. Justin said " If you get off course you will feel the wall and the dark part will not take a long time. Mrs.Frisby got astonished because she saw lights in the dark hallway. She was wondering Justin how could the lights get in. Justin said " we dropped them down, I know it is a little bit annoying but it is necessary. While they were walking they say hallway with tiny lights. Justin said " the rats cut a glass from old bottles". There was a soft carpet and it was intersting. Actually, the rats do not need the carpets but some wives put it for looks. Mrs.Frisby was Impressed !! and she asked Justin about how they made it. Justin said "We've had electricity for four years now" but actullay he was wrong because they have been had it for five years. they were takking the carpets from trees !! actullay from christmas trees ! Mrs.frisby was familiar with electricity because her husband was telling her about it.

After that they complete walking and they faced a small door. The door led them to a big room. They faced stairway. Mrs.Frisby was the first who get in the stair and she can not see because of the darkness. Finally they reached a place , then she saw rats working together.They look at her , but they were working without stop.  The guest was Nicodumes. Nicodemus comes to Mrs. Frisby, then mrs.frisby saw a scar over his left eye. , and over this eye he wore a black patch, fastened by a cord around his head. Second, he carried a satchel-rather like a handbag. 

Mrs.Frisby went to a big room where the meeting will be in. She wants to told Nicodumes about TImothy and about the moving day. The room was big and there are several books and tables. while she was sitting in her room, she saw a big blackboard written " THE PLAN OF THE RATS OF NIMH" in the top of it.