Hello everyone,

I am going to introduce my partner.

My partner's name is Ali Jassim. He is 18 years old and he is from Kuwait. He was born and grew up in State of Kuwait. His hobby is playing soccer. Ali plays soccer with his friends every week. His favorite team is Arsenal soccer team. Tomas Rosciky is his favorite player in the team. His major is mechanical engineering. I asked him why he choose this major?

He said that he has loved this major since he was a child, when he saw his father fixed cars and small things. Ali's plan is study in West Virginia University and graduate from it. His favorite food is Machboas which is the most famous traditional food in his country. His dream car is Nissan GTR and he wish one day he will have it. Also he loves travelling to different countries in order to meet new people with different cultures and learn about their culture. At the end I wish my partner all successful. And I hope he will achieve his dreams.

(A. Jassim, personal communication, February, 19, 2014)